A Life Full of Smile




MESSAGE: Happiness is always around us! It is in the smile we give to everyone – wherever we are and whatever we do. Our smile expresses our joy!


Each day upon my quiet waking moment, I smile and say thanks for another day in my life and for the beauty of nature. Endurance and acceptance have been my keywords since childhood and that envelops my whole being up to this present time. Having had Rheumatoid Arthritis for eighteen years now, I continuously focus on the positive aspects of life.

What a good feeling whenever anything is shared with someone else. I am a living lesson in leading a full life with arthritis. My advocacy is to give inspiration and encouragement to everyone especially to the arthritic patients. I tell them to keep going and moving… With aching joints, you can still smile and enjoy life!

Wherever I go, people noticed me – a limping, salt-pepper hair lady who bravely walks alone, but constantly wears a smile. When the person to whom you give your smile, smiles back… it is just like finding a rich treasure! I will keep on living, loving and serving as I am too busy to grow old. Truly this lifelong journey is a happy one!


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