Blissful innocence




MESSAGE: Smile And Enjoy Life!


I remember my childhood so vividly in my mind, a wonderland of sorts, nature our playground. The cares of life we never knew then as we laughed to our heart’s content.

In the company of friends who truly knew me, I poured my hopes and dreams. The cries of my childhood, the tears on my sleeves, the small feats and triumphs, I shared with them without holding back a bit.I remember these days when no one knew what time it was and no one really cared to ask. Having the dusk as our clock when our shadows fall behind us, we head for home whistling one happy endless tune.The purest of smiles and the most radiant beamed faces, life is a sweet stream of blissful innocence. Indeed, life is too short for worries! Let’s all soar through life like a child and live life to its fullest to the very end.


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