Proud Lolo




MESSAGE: A genuine smile comes out with naturalness despite worsening memory … showing how we give great importance to our family ties even though separated by distance.


Many Filipinos have been migrating abroad. As we do so, we leave behind relatives who never get tired to wait for our return. But if return is not yet possible, sending pictures, letters or tokens are things that can revive good memories and relieve sadness from being away.In this photo, a grandson in Canada sends a college graduation photo to our lolo in the Philippines. Because of age, our lolo is already forgetful. But when he sees the photo, he asks which apo of his is in it. Then he carefully sits on a bench, happily looks at the photo and slowly reads the short message attached on it.Filipinos giving much importance to their families is a treasure that can never be stolen. We have tight family ties that can never be broken either by distance or time. Through our vast migration to various countries in the world, this is a trait of Filipinos that we can share freely to other people. We may not be able to bring our relatives along, but we may treat other people that we encounter as someone who have family that they can depend on.


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