MESSAGE: Sharing is never based on abundance. What we have and what we give defines it. A beautiful life is not only seen but one that is felt.


Filipinos are all over the world. Some leave their home, bravely face the unknown and hope to prosper abroad. They become selfless. The make self-sacrifices so that their families in the Philippines live well in comfort.

Life may not be easy in the Philippines but Filipinos strive to make life meaningful. More than beautiful places, it has wonderful people. Living here, they never complain about hard life. Filipinos are selfless. They give regardless of what they have. There is the willingness to do what is best for others. After all, a beautiful life is not only seen but one that is felt.

The Philippines is a nation of happy people. Despite life’s hardship, they can smile at its difficulties. A Filipino smile is an expression of good feeling. Its yardstick is not of their possession but a wealth of their character.

The image best demonstrates a trait common to Filipinos to wit: selfless. The amount of being shared is immaterial. What count for Filipinos is that they give what they have. In fact, it is common among Filipinos to think of the welfare of others ahead of their own social and economic condition.


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