Smile For Our Children




MESSAGE: Paint a smile for every child and for the world to smile with.


A  FILIPINO SMILE … FOR EVERY CHILD … AND FOR THE WORLD TO SMILE WITH… The photo shows  Father Mario Jose C. Ladra, who heads a foundation that feeds hundreds of hungry kids, and a tricycle-load of children enjoying their moment. This vibrant image depicts the Filipino calling to take care of our children and always bring them joy. This is the simplest, most solemn way of building hope and making brighter tomorrows. Each positive gesture we share to every child, each beautiful memory we impart to them, each touch of love and spark of happiness we spend with our little treasures is a lighted candle of humanity’s future. Let us then nurture them with smiles painting our faces.This is why Father Mar shares his smile with the children. This is “Calidad Humana”, that human quality within us that allows us to instinctively choose to be good and to do what is good. To care for our children and their future … and to do this with an exuding sense of joy is indeed “calidad humana”. The Filipino smile mirrors our affection for children … the quiet innocence and goodness still alive in this world. Beyond the darkness and adversities, beyond the deafening noise and sophisticated confusion – there will always be a ready smile. Build hope. Paint a smile. For every child. For all our children. For the hope-filled days before us. For the world to smile with…


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