Smile From Home Away From Home




MESSAGE: Let your smiles from home away from home give hope and pleasure amidst life’s toils and cares.


Who says only the rich and the famed can really smile? Two young and simple rural folks, John Merick Eupalao (23) of Quezon Province and Flacido Avila (20) of Mandaluyong City left their homes to pursue a degree in fine arts as self-supporting students in Cavite. They work as landscaper of the Adventist University of the Philippines ArtPark where they recycle trash to art  and work at least 45 hours per week to compensate their tuition fees.

The heavy stones, the long labor hours, and the very hot sun never snag them a bit from being happy and smiling.  Their smiles from home away from home radiate and brighten the work place, reflecting their inward character trait. The reassuring smiles manifest the love and harmony of their home.

Shared smiles and warm kinship are the enduring character traits of Filipinos as a nation. A sense of family belongingness and one’s faithfulness to loved ones and friends are lasting values of relationships. Because everyone can always choose to smile. It won’t cost a cent but it’s worth a million dollars!


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