Special Smiles




MESSAGE: Roses are red, violets are blue; smiles are for special children and people as special as you!


Crooked. Braced. Faint. Sly.

These are common descriptions of smiles as you read a novel or a book. As no thumbprints are the same, I believe that no smiles are the same.

Each one of us has a unique and special smile- each telling a different story.

Smiling doesn’t that you are free from worries. Rather it means that you are brave and strong enough to smile at the challenges that face you and your smile is like your most powerful weapon against them. It uplifts the human spirit. It is the hope for tomorrow and the mark that it is still beautiful world.

Special children have very limited means of expressing themselves; smiles are their best and most charming ways of expression. I know we are not all “special children” with “special needs” but we are all special in our own way. Let us be like special children who are clothed with innocence and enthusiastic to smile at everyone and in everything.


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