Take a Leap




MESSAGE: In this age of technology, kids of today have limited interaction and have less exercise. They get bored without tablets, mobile phones and computers.But to our surprise, left alone without any of their techie gadgets in the park, these kids laughed their hearts out by playing an old Filipino game natively called “LuksongTinik,” So who needs a techie gadget? Children really have their ways. Fun is not something we think they need to have. It is simply being with each other and finding ways to joyfully do things together.


We’re currently living in a world where social networking is the new means of interaction and virtual role playing game is the new face of recreation. Kids of today spent most of their time in front of their gadget, having no physical activity and forgetting the outside world. How efficient it is to have a conversation just by typing and hitting the send button? How awesome it is to play with your friends even without actually seeing them? Yes, that’s how cool technology is but no matter how technology makes lives easier, it deprives them of the actual experiences of childhood… playing outdoors, sweating, laughing, learning, gaining real friends and memories. Years ago, we don’t have these gadgets that we have today but we made the most of our time and we’re happy and content. We can proudly reminisce those childhood memories with a smile on our face and even laugh about it. Those memories can never be given to our kids by the video games they play but only with real life experiences and friends who they’ll share those happy memories with.


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