The ABC’s of Calidad Human Learned in Full Circle





MESSAGE:  Educate our youth the strong values of Calidad Humana and that they may always carry it with them.



Calidad Humana is learned while we are young, nurtured and nourished as we grew up and passed on to our community andto the next generations.  I like to think of it as simple as ABC.

A – Acquire it while we are young

B – Build and nurture it as we grow up

C – Convey and pass it on to our community and on to the next generation.

This photo was taken in Sagada, Mountain Province Philippines … a 5th class municipality in the remote mountains, which has a reputation of having relatively zero crime rate.  Being a travel enthusiast, I’ve been surprised to know that the friendliest and most peaceful places often lies in poor remote towns and provinces such as Sagada, El Nido, Batanes and Marinduque having almost zero crime rate.  It reflects that while they may be financially poor, they are rich in human qualities. Compassion, kindness and values prevails over money, power and injustice.  This can be seen through their welcoming smiles and hospitality.  I believe that our communities have to sustain these by learning and passing it on from generation to generation in a full and unending circle.



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