The Sweet-and-Sour Smile of a Migrant Mother




MESSAGE: Move on, strong migrant mother! With joy seeing your children’s future, with tears feeling the loneliness and scars in your heart and body.


A migrant mother in Barcelona sees some children playing in a park. They remind her of her children back home in the Philippines. The sound of children happily playing in the playground floats in the air. To a Filipina mother’s ears, everything is a symphony. At the same time she feels homesick and melancholic. And from her bag, she produces a picture of her children. If only her children were here with her, it would have been heaven, it would have been different. She can’t help but long for their hugs and kisses, their tantrums and giggles. And even if she can’t do anything but cry, she still finds a way to smile by reminiscing their whining and ‘’lambing’’.As she looks at the photo of her kids, she imagines hearing them asking their eternal question, ‘’Mama when are you coming home?’’. Not wanting to get emotional, she shifts to a happy thought, ‘’Mama, my new front tooth is coming out!’’. She finds herself giggling a little. The cool spring air softly brushes the tears on her cheeks like the soft and gentle touches of her angels. And she finds herself break into smile again.


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