There Is Always A Reason To Smile




MESSAGE: A smile unites everyone – whatever race, whatever age.


In a world of fast changing development and technology, the Philippines is left behind even by its fellow third world countries. However, what made the Philippines strong is the character of its people – the resilience from difficulty and always having a positive point of view. This character is shown by all Filipino whether young or old.It is not uncommon to a Filipino to experience disasters, man-made or natural, throughout his lifetime. Yet, he will always find a reason to move forward and carry a smile. The Philippines was colonized by different countries, struck by all kinds of natural disasters and repeatedly hit by bad economy – all these were not enough to

erase the joyful nature of a Filipino. A Filipino will always find a reason to smile even in the most trying times. The positive outlook of a Filipino is evident even as he grows past the prime of his life. His wrinkles may show the adversities he has been but his smile will show his strength he always had. A Filipino smile, when seen by the young on old people, will make them feel that life will be beautiful.


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