Awarding Ceremony

Embassy of Chile

October 3, 2013


Ambassador Roberto L. Mayorga’s remarks:

I would like to make a brief reflection on the events that we all are aware of. As you know, the photo contest was affected by serious plagiarism. But this very negative incident had provoked a good number of positive reactions.

Thousands of people became aware if this Calidad Humana Project. It seemed like it was God sent. In Spanish we talk about the different mysterious ways of the Lord when we refer to how he can convert negative things to positive.

In this respect, we have basic considerations.

Firstly, the essence of the Calidad Humanana Project Compassion. And for this reason, instead of punishing Mark Solis, we will all do our part to redeem him in a long process, wherein a change in his conduct will be evident.

Secondly, this incident, that is very special in the context of the Philippines today, has brought about reactions from different people that have called or written to us, encouraging us to move forward with force and faith.

It is for these reasons that son we will be announcing upcoming events of painting, music, literature, sports, etc. with the goal to spread values of this project. Particularly with everyone’s help, we would like to elaborate some sort of Calidad Humana Decalogue that would contain more important conducts that should be put to practice each day in order to safeguard the Calidad Humana of the Filipinos.

We have been consulted by many as to how to collaborate with this project now. As an answer to this question, I am honored to announce here on this special occasion, “The Calidad Humana and Smiles for the World Guilds Initiative”, inviting all those motivated together with their families or group of friends to likewise preserve Calidad Humana ( Human Compassion, Humaneness, Human Tones) of the Filipinos, and broaden it to other latitudes.


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